MAD MAC will develop, finance and operates affordable, program-enriched housing communities for families, seniors and people with special needs who lack the economic resources to access quality, safe-housing opportunities.
MAD MAC’s mission is to provide safe, affordable housing with support services for low-income people in the Inland Empire community and be a leader in making the neighborhood a better place to live.


Since 1998, MAD MAC FOUNDATION (Making A Difference Making A Change) has been committed to making the Los Angeles and surrounding neighborhoods a better place to live. We provide safe, affordable housing and support services in order to lay the foundation for a better quality of life for low-income people in California.
At MAD MAC FOUNDATION, we know that housing is the foundation on which people build their lives. And we know that due to the high cost of living in California, many low-income individuals, seniors, and families are forced to choose between paying rent and other necessities like food and healthcare.
Our unique approach to supportive housing will combine safe, affordable home environments with free and voluntary on-site social services to help tenants stabilize their lives and find resources for special medical, mental health, or substance addiction issues. We also will provide the community with an after-school program where neighborhood children can rely on a safe place to play and learn, and a community-organizing program that encourages residents to get involved in making positive change to strengthen the fabric of the neighborhoods we serve.


70% of the residents that will occupy our buildings will have annual incomes below $14,000. They will include seniors on fixed incomes, emancipated youth from the foster care system, low-wage workers, families on tight budgets, people with HIV/AIDS, and formerly homeless individuals recovering from substance abuse or mental illness.
• Many seniors who will live independently in M.A.D. M.A.C. buildings will have the aid of our support services.
• Some of our residents will have disabilities or special needs.
• Some of our people will be formerly homeless, including families with children.
• Some of our individuals will have a mental illness diagnosis.
• Some of the children, many of whom will live with single parents.
• Some self-identified people will be living with HIV/AIDS.


While we will serve many of Inland Empire low-income neighborhoods, our roots will be in the communities most hit by poverty. This vibrant neighborhood is one of the last places in San Bernardino that many low-income individuals, families, and seniors can afford to live. While it suffers from social problems typical of many crowded urban environments, including drug and alcohol abuse, violence, high unemployment, and overcrowding, M.A.D. M.A.C. FOUNDATION will face these challenges head-on, striving to revitalize the community while preserving its unique architecture, character, and diversity.


Our diverse and dedicated staff members will be committed to MADMAC’s mission to improve the fabric of our neighborhood.


Our tailored approach to supportive housing will combine affordable and safe home environments, which will provide free on-site social services. M.A.D. M.A.C. will staff social workers to help tenants stabilize their lives, find resources for special medical, mental health or substance abuse issues and develop a sense of community within our buildings. This system will foster stable resident populations and increases the likelihood that our tenants will become more successful and self-sufficient members of society.


M.A.D. M.A.C.’s Community Organizing department will strive to involve the community in neighborhood revitalization efforts by encouraging residents and local businesses to become more involved. Through resident leadership development, community outreach, and other events, M.A.D.M.A.C. will seek to strengthen the community’s voice and address issues regarding public safety, civic engagement, and other critical topics that impact the neighborhood.


Many children call the Inland Empire home. M.A.D. M.A.C. will address the need for a safe, supervised space for many of these children to play in downtown San Bernardino. The program will be open six days a week and will be free to all who enroll. Through a combination of recreational outings, academic support, and leadership training, M.A.D. M.A.C. will enrich the lives of the children in the neighborhood and will help them pave the way for bright and successful futures.