Minorities in Technology (M.I.T.) STEM Program

Computer Coding / 3D Printing / App & Web Development

By 2020, research suggests Computer Science will be a $5.2 billion industry.  It is crucial to build tangible skills and engage students in computational thinking in a way that excites them to consider careers in app development, cyber security, artificial intelligence and software solutions to real-world problems.

Edutainment (DJ / Pro Sound & Lighting)

With close to 20 years of Edutainment experience, MIT's mission is to deliver educational programs that give students the foundation to meet the needs of the national and international music industry.  Edutainment focuses on the technical skills, business philosophies and professional practices, which permeate within the music industry.

Photography / Videography

According to the US Bureau of Education there are approximately 3.34 million Americans who work in the arts, and jobs are predicted to increase by 42% in 2016.  Mastering key skills such as conceptualization, framing, collaboration, execution, and presentation will take students from novice selfie taker to professional storyteller.

Printing (Silk Screen / Large Format / Sublimation)

From woodblock prints, lithographs, books, posters, and clothing, the "Art of Printing" has influenced, decorated, and chronicled our history since 200 A.D. in China.  MIT is determined to continue the tradition by exposing students to "old school" methods as well as emerging trends in the industry.

Social Media Marketing / Audience Development

In June 2015, there were over 75,000 job listings with the keywords "Social Media Marketing," "SEO," and "Digital Marketing" with the national average salary for these positions rnaging between $51,000 to over $100,000 per year.  MIT's objective is to equip students with the marketing, business, and public relations skills to engage an audience, sell product and build brand.