Printing with a Purpose

Mission Statement

The mission of MAD MAC is to provide an innovative, cost-effective, accessible approach to problems facing at risk youth and adults in society who are negatively impacted by gangs, crime, and peer pressure. These factors contribute greatly to diminished education outcomes in our youth and students, many of whom need psychological tools and training to correct negative attitudes and to motivate them to make better life choices.


The purpose of MAD MAC is to provide a comprehensive S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) printing based educational training program that facilitates the implementation of digital printing, garment, vehicle wraps, large format, web design, specialty print services, self-esteem, life management skills, financial literacy and opportunities for careers in the printing industry. At the completion of the program, students will be able to expand on their training in such fields as, digital and offset printing production, garment printing, large format printing, graphic design, technical service, printer repair, promotional items, advertising, marketing, media and public relations within the printing and media industry. The program gives our students a creative outlet to positively channel their energies, while acquiring the skills they need for future financial independence.

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Kevin Kim founded MAD MAC in April of 1996, with a vision to keep at risk youths away from gangs, drugs, and the negative avenues presented to our youth today. While growing up around gangs and drugs, Kevin found sports, dancing, car shows/clubs and music to be an outlet from the harsh realities of the streets and projects. With the growing support of many nationally recognized celebrities, Kevin strives to continue to provide children and young adults with an opportunity to create a way out of the inevitable realities of incarceration and death.

How Program Works

MAD MAC Multimedia “Printing With A Purpose” S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program has purchased printing machines from Roland, Mutoh, Stahls, for youth to have hands on training in operations, production, service and repairs. Once they receive the printers, they will operate a mobile printing lab. Sponsors will donate parts for them to assemble and work on production and servicing printers. The youth will also provide printing services to local schools and community partners, as well as learn marketing strategies to secure additional business while promoting printing with a purpose.

The mobile printing unit is on a promotional tour to all the major shows, car shows, swap meets, and special events. The mobile print shop pust on an open house in the local cities to display and show the work the youth do in the shop and also to show the public all the sponsors and companies that supported the program.

At the same time the youth will market the program and solicit sponsors, provide products and be involved in our media, marketing, and promotions program. The youth will also tour schools to give assemblies on our partnership with the Mayor and Sheriffs department.

The first inner-city Mobile printing team has be trained at our training facility, and has developed a traveling schedule of road shows and fairs to stay competitive in todays global world. We know that this is an industry that our inner city youth are interested in and can compete in once the acquire the skills set needed through our program.


The MAD MAC program provides an alternative education experience that accelerates applied learning experiences, which includes S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Upon program completion, students are prepared to reenter the classroom for further and higher education.

The math curriculum focuses on applied math, budget preparation, and constant calculation of pricing, scaling. Using computers, rulers and pencil are a part of the daily educational experience.

The English curriculum includes a daily journal of events (written communication). Verbal communication with customers, printing partners, clients, and sponsors enhance the student’s public speaking skills. The expression of ideas and experiences are verbalized in-group sessions and students are required to put their ideas and thoughts on paper. Grammar and spelling are emphasized daily. The exchange of ideas among students is encouraged, and individual reports are researched, written and presented by the students.

Science technology is a daily part of the curriculum. Students are taught how to operate personal computers (software & hardware), servicing of machines and mechanics techniques, electrical, printing diagnostic machines, and other printing equipment. The understanding of how and why the printing equipment and techniques operate are a key part of the curriculum. MAD MAC provides a general base for studies in this scientific technology field. These components of science are truly applied in each student’s daily life and become second nature.

Self-esteem develops as a result of students working together as a team. Students successfully work together on projects from start to finish. The development of team spirit and the desire to allow others to have input in their daily life transfers a need to be part of a working and creative society. Students learn to consider what others think and how others react to everyday stress. They also learn how to function under pressure with grace.

Organization Overview

MAD MAC is a tax-exempt 501-©(3) non-profit California Corporation headquartered in Compton, California. The national office provides strategic direction, leadership and support to all of our employees and local operations, and is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of business, education and civic leaders who set policies and direction for each affiliate.